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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 187, 188, 189, 190

I...don't really know why this happens. I mean, I keep...bah, whatever. Four pictures in one post for you while I try to attempt to explain.

Basically, I've got a montage of my room cleaning. I've shown it to you before in all it's messiness. So some people may think this is actually clean, but I would expect more to think that it was messy. You can see books, exbawks stuff, my messy desk, just bunches of junk on the floor. Yeah, a giant baseball pillow too, with a pile of clothes that haven't been put up yet, and a piano on the floor that you can't see underneath the floor.

So here, the clothes are gone, the desk still has some junk on it, the floor is mostly clear. The piano is still just under the picture view. My jacket actually made it to my chair, but the big books haven't been moved yet to the box in the back, and other crap hasn't been done.

I took this one after work, so my work jeans are on the floor with my wallet, keys, iPod, etc. I think my problem is that everything goes right to the floor when I get home or don't really want to put it somewhere that would be smart to have it instead. The desk I actually use (the one pictured houses my clunky computer that hasn't been turned on in over a year) got messier, but I moved some stuff off/around, so it works. The area to the left of this picture is where all the electronic things go. There's lots of cords to work through that I've got to worry about.

And now, for the news! The wall for the backyard and/or deck is being put in! It would've been done today, but it poured raining. Very hard. So the guys working on it quit for the day, left the Bobcat behind, and plan to finish it tomorrow. The crepe myrtle has been moved up, and plants pulled out. It's gonna be finished soon, but I don't think I'll still be home to see it! I'm heading off for college in about two weeks, so we'll see. I might end up taking a whole bunch of pictures of the deck for my brother, since he wanted to use it to advertise his contracting services.

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