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Monday, July 18, 2011

Days 172-178

I figured that I'd just do a big montage of this past week, including all seven pictures that I've missed (counting today's). As of this post, I should be up-to-date. Hurray! And now, for the pictures!

This first one is one that my Dad actually asked me to take four days ago. He picked this huge blackberry from the bushes around here, and wanted to show the world. The quarter is obviously for comparison purposes. I probably should have gotten a straight down shot, but my shadow was in the way.

So let's see...Thursday was alright, don't really remember much from there. Had to work a double that day, closing the Atlanta location instead of Kennesaw. I don't like closing the Atlanta location anymore. It's too big and takes too long to sweep and mop. And I know where nothing is. Yes, it's just me and my unfamiliarity with the store. Grrr.

Right here is the wheelbarrow and plow that my dad owns. My mom brought it back from Missouri when she came home. She brought home a lot of stuff, including plenty of dishes/fine china. We still have plenty in the family room to figure out places for. I'm going to be set on school supplies for awhile according to how much stuff was up in Missouri. I don't really want to go into details about the whole situation, but there was a lot of stuff that was in a house that probably should've have been. Mom spent a whole week up there dealing with stuff and came back last week. Lots of fun stress that came along with it. Lots.

Rawr! The Yamaha Rhino! It's a big time fun deal. And I've probably taken a picture of it before today, but this was an angle I haven't gotten yet. It looks like an advertisement for it, except the pillow in the passenger seat. The 'rents keep it there so that the seat doesn't get insanely hot during the summer. This is what I hauled the 30 pound stones in. Apparently my dad moved the rest today when I was inside. I even went out all prepared to go move them and he told me he did it all. I was totally pumped for it! Ah well. Anyway, we've got a trail in the back that was blazed a year or so ago that you need to experience. It's fun, and I go a bit too fast for it sometimes. Plus, there's a hill that has to be at least 45-50 degrees, where it feels like you're going to fall backwards.

Picture four, and it's of the front of the house. The lamp post has been there for awhile now, but it feels like we just put it in. The crepe myrtles are coming in nicely. Today, rain made it look like it was snowing pink flakes. That's the fun of tall crepe myrtles! Those are orange dragon lilies if I recall correctly. I'm sure my local flower namer will get me on that if I'm wrong. I've lived in this place for 17 years now. Lots of fun. Not sure what else to say along with this picture, though, so I'm just going to keep typing until I reach the amount of space required by the blog to allow myself to get to the next picture without delay. There we go.

Screw that! The deck is progressing nicely. Still waiting on the bottom few steps, but the wall is going to be put in soon. Dad talked to a guy about it earlier. So that's most of all I have to say about that. I would've moved those stones earlier if I didn't have a 10.5 hour day on Friday. Since I wanted Saturday off to work for my brother, I would have to take all Friday to do so. It wasn't too bad because a nice person that I knew came and visited me and gave me somebody to talk to for an hour. She works literally a minute's walk away, and convinced me to try out the yogurt there. I never really was a fan of yogurt. But apparently I like it now. It was some good stuff - according to her, I must not have liked the tart yogurt.

This is my hand. Remember the stitches from a few posts ago? Well I got them out on Friday. I can finally wash dishes at work again! It healed surprisingly well. It doesn't really hurt that much unless you do stuff to it, obviously. When the nurse pulled the stitches out, the places where the stitches went in looked worse than the wound. I'm a bit more wary of that big butcher knife at work, too. Speaking of work knives, I mentioned I closed earlier. Well, when I was at the other location, I noticed that they had obtained one of our knives! So I brought it back today. I left it in the car on Friday when I was going to bring it back, and then Mom took the car to get gas as I took the van to get emissions. Sort of funny how that worked out. Then I didn't go to work on Saturday, and we're closed on Sunday. So I finally brought it back today, Monday. At least it made it back! We were sad without it at work in Kennesaw. Ah, well.

Saturday was fun - I got to work about 10-7 for some cool people, serving a bunch of teens. When I say "a bunch", I mean 2400 teens, chaperones, priests, volunteers, etc. The catering business my brother runs does the event every year, and this year went by very smoothly. Well, at least Saturday did. They didn't need me Sunday and Friday I was working. It may be a bit exhausting, but I love doing it all.

Finally, at the end of all this, a picture of myself. Life's been a bit busy and stressful lately, but with the help of some good friends and the family, everything is going alright. It's like that nice quote: "Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end." I hate the cheery, cutesy, motivation quotes that teenage girls vomit on their facebooks, don't get me wrong. This is, in my opinion, the only one worth repeating.

Thumbs up, let's do this.

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