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Saturday, July 16, 2011


I really, really didn't want the lateness to get this bad, and I apologize for the one or two people who care. I have had a crazy work schedule that has kept me away from home for the past two or three days. This has also basically kept me away from my camera. The only reason I even have pictures on it to add is because my dad asked me to take pictures of a large blackberry that he picked. I swear, I will get caught up soon. You can take my word for it, however good that word is. But I have been pretty overworked lately, so I haven't even picked up any of the projects that I've been working on, I haven't touched any music making lately, and I've barely written anything. It's been a rough week this week. Hopefully I can find time tomorrow to just take pictures and throw them up here in a wacky four-in-a-row update.

As a treat, here's two videos for you that should be mildly entertaining:

Jon Stewart getting back at Glenn Beck
and James Randi explaining homeopathy. They're both worth the watch, especially the second one.

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