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Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 283

So I'd like to welcome all these visitors from Amazing Super Powers. I decided to start linking here from my comments there, and apparently people actually click the links in other comments' names. How quaint. It's a great webcomic, and a hilarious read if you get the chance. I hear they've got secret comics, but I probably shouldn't talk about that.

If I get any regular readers from that, they'd bring my total up to...four!

Picture: Dragonite!

Background: I'm starting to play DnD again. Because of this, I get to use my Pokemon dice bag again! I found it during summer break one day when I went to go find all my old Pokemon cards. It had some marbles in it (which I kept, too), so I replaced them with marbles that have corners and lines and things of that sort.

The DnD group is with a bunch of people I met thanks to HvZ/band. Some of them read this. I'm looking at you, CSA chefs! So far we've only played once, but we're playing again tomorrow...I think. Well I just remembered something that may be conflicting, but hopefully not.

(Happy Halloweeen. Quit reading this and go get scared.)

today's video is exactly what i plan to do tomorrow...

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