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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 258

Gonna go ahead and get this out of the way before I delve into homework (at midnight!)

Picture: Leaf

Background: I sat outside by the shaft again today to write. I think this needs to happen more often while it's still relatively warm. Well, at least when it's jacket-weather. This leaf has sitting next to me screaming "Take a picture!" The colors on it were awesome, so I had no choice but to comply. Like usual, I messed with brightness/contrast to really bring out how cool this leaf looked. There were a few more, but this one was sitting by itself, so I gave it some company before it blew into the wind again.

Also, bonus picture because I took two while I was sitting at the shaft. You should be happy! Or not. It's okay either way.

today's video is what i'm listening to as i type this...

Fall is coming!

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