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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 255, 256

Every time I see 256, I think 16 squared. Every time.

Picture: That's my RAT!

Have you heard of the Copy/Paste game? No? Great! What you do is say "Copy" after someone says or does something, and when you say "Paste", they have to repeat what they said/did just as they did it. It restarts at the end of the semester for people here at Tech. And this was my RAT doing his Paste. I'm kinda mad that I copied over his previous copy, but, oh well.

Still in the planning phases of RAT appreciation day, too. This "having no money" deal isn't working out to my advantage.

Picture: The Wall

Background: Well, last year I had sticky notes up in my dorm. Most of the ones on the right are the same as some of the ones from last year, and on the left is my Exam schedule. I've got a big TO DO note that has nothing under it because all my TO DO stuff is in OneNote.

There are two new ones that I didn't have up from my last large collection: one that's just interesting. and one that I took from xkcd that was taken from Katamari Damacy (from what I can tell).


"Is it that it's FUN, or that it let's you FORGET yourself?"

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