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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 265

I'm not normally a sucker for cute things...

Picture: Adorable Penguin

Background:...but this has GOT to be the cutest penguin in existence. It gets better when you push his nose in and his eyes come closer and he looks sad and OH MY GOD so cute! His name is Avalanche, and he was given to me by my damn good RAT for Vet Appreciation Day yesterday. Since I had already updated yesterday, I decided to wait to give you this adorable little thing.

Events for the day include a Photo Club free portrait setup which I was able to get only a few pictures with one person, one class which ended early, receiving homework in which I got .5 away from an A (except, because of the overall low grades, the grades are being shifted "to the right"), and playing games in the Student Center for a few hours. So it was a success, I'd say.

The cutest distraction I'll ever find.

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