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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 267, 268

Whee! Two pictures!

Picture: More flowers!

Background: I'm home again! These are sitting on the nearly-almost-not-quite-done deck. I'll probably be taking more pictures of it tomorrow when I get a chance. Considering my "busy" schedule, I'll probably get a chance. Lots of people came over today: Brother and his kids, sister and her husband+kid, and a guy who randomly drives in and talks to Dad. His name is Carl. My Dad's name isn't Paul, though. If it was, I would giggle.

Anyway, there was some stuff that led to a bonfire today. That led to this fireball of a picture to be taken. I got to throw a bit of my hard work into the fire and see it turn into ash. We used the wood stripped form the old deck to make the fire. It got pretty tall at one point (and I've got some pictures to prove it, too). The wind was relatively low save for the wind from the fire blowing the trees. It was intense.

But yeah, that's been my last few days. Steak for dinner? Yes please!

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