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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 218-220

HA! Up to date!

Firstly, I don't know if I told you, but I'm writing a story. Right here, I wanted to show you about how thick it is. There are 44 pages there, all single spaced, nearly 30,000 words. I've been doing some editing in my free time. Which feels like almost never. I can never bring myself to work on it when I'm in my room, either. Something about having my laptop, TV, Xbox, etc all in one place is just barely distracting. But hey - it's a good time consumer when I'm idle. Plus, it's really enjoyable to see how far I've gotten so far.

When I'm not in class or at home, I'm probably doing something band related. The band did a couple of new sets today, so I took time out to take some pictures of the mallets I was using. That got some odd looks from one or two pit people, but I think this one looks good. I might have set the exposure a little too negative, but the ones with higher exposure made the mallets reflect light from the sun. That reminds me - I'm going to head to a photography club meeting this Thursday, and hopefully I can figure out some fun stuff from there. It also reminds me that I haven't uploaded any of these pictures to my hosting site in a long time...

I figure I'll leave you with something that I haven't posted up here in awhile. No, not a picture of me (sorry, ladies). I meant to take its picture when I went to Publix with my mother last week, but forgot all about it. When I went grocery shopping on Sunday, I had my camera with me and got this picture. Enjoy :)

The best part? My mother had parked in the parking spot that this label goes with.

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