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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 194

Ha! Late, but I didn't forget! Yeah, it's almost 3am. So sue me.

(please don't)

Picture: Wesley Wormhole..?

Background: I don't know where we got them, but somehow my family got a hold of these "Garbage Pail Kids" cards. I don't even know what they're useful for other than being a little gross. Trust me, this is one of the lesser ones there were. Plus, it's got my name on it! Get it? Wormhole? Worm protruding from a hole? Yeah.

So this was the one I kept. Unfortunately I'm not blond (anymore) and I don't play with jack-in-the-boxes. Nor do I have a worm sprouting out of my stomach. That would be bad. I really want to find a permanent home for this as a sticker, but ideas aren't really coming since I'm moving a whole bunch of things out of my room.

today's video is an impressive light show...

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