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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 213, 214

I lied to you! I owe you two pictures today. So here they are!

So, the first one is this interesting license plate. I'm surprised I was able to get a picture of it...since the owner is a NINJA! I think there must be at least three ninjas in this picture, but I can't find them. It's been parked in one of the parking lots since band camp, along with another car that has the plate "Mythril".

There are some real nerds here, and I fit in perfectly. I don't know if I'd get a license plate like that, but I was thinking of a nyanvan....

Secondly, there was this. I was on my way back from a bookstore and saw these. Lots of butterflies were flittering around them, and I managed to get one or two shots of them. I know that I'll probably kick myself for forgetting the name of the flowers, but I'm sure my local flower nomenclature expert will help me on that, right?

I also discovered today that the bookstore I went to doesn't take student ID. So I had to go to the campus bookstore to grab some books. That sucked.

Otherwise, good day so far. One of my classes got me actually excited for my major - not something I was really expecting.

today's video is an interesting lip sync (possible nsfw)...

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  1. Lantana... Boom! (I needed my parents' help, though)