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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wrapping Up

Let's wrap things up, shall we?

I bought my camera in June of 2009. When I say I "bought" it, I mean that my sister-in-law works at Wolf Camera and got it for me at basically 75% off. Before, I had expressed an interest in photography, so I played around with it for a few months, trying to figure out how to work it and how to make my pictures come out halfway decent.

It all started on the 21st of January, 2011. I had been taking some pictures, but they were mostly flowers and nature and things like that. I wanted something else to add to my repertoire, or maybe I just felt like I had to do this when I read up on it. Something had distracted me from life for a few moments and presented itself to me: Project 365. I figured, "Why not?" and decided to try it out after all. For the first week or so I thought I'd lose steam quickly and abandon it (like a few projects in the past). I felt myself not want to keep going soon, but I kept up with it. I really don't know what motivated me to do so, but I tried. I updated late here and there, but I made sure that I had a post in the end, at least.

Then there was the time in July where I just wasn't feeling well at all (plus, I slit my thumb open). I still managed to get a post in after a week and some days, with the right number of pictures. I kept moving forward, I never stopped posting (even with being late a few times).

Did you enjoy it? I wouldn't know. Should you try it? Again, I wouldn't know. There's a few things you'd have to have in order to complete it. For starters, a camera. The more portable, the easier, but the lower quality of pictures (typically, but not always). Next, you've got to have to drive to do it. Wherever it comes from, like family, friends, or personal motivation, it's got to be there. Otherwise you would end up with the other incomplete projects, and I wouldn't wish that on someone. Finally, a place to put all your pictures. Knowing that I had a blog to post to meant that I was almost forced to take the picture I needed. When the day was boring, I usually resorted to taking pictures of my little trinkets, items, and other things that are a part of me. I also went out on a couple expeditions, as well as experimenting with photo editing mixed with music. The fun may not have always been there, but there was definitely satisfaction that I was able to complete Project 365.

Thus the saga is finished. But what will happen to this blog, though?

It will not go away (un)fortunately, even if I have to post the most mundane things to read like I have been. The one for-sure fact is that it will be weekly now, instead of daily. There's no way I could do a daily blog anymore. But if you want it to be a tad more entertaining, just give me some ideas! I'm always open for a few. Currently, these things have been swirling around in my mind:

-Story Excerpts! (specific scenes from any of the two or three I'm working on)
-More pictures! (eh...)
-Sunday Scribblings!
-Anything else I can come up with!
-Quick, short stories that may or may not be true!
-NaNo progress! (when that starts up)

I was thinking of also putting up the best of the webcomics, pictures, and other things that I see throughout the week. I read just a comic here and there (cough), so it might not be too varied.

And for the love of God, if you have anything you'd want to see (within reason) then suggest it! I'm not an idea factory - the workers in my head have other dedications!

FINALLY, my pictures are available to look at with your eyeballs at deviantart or free to download. Yeah, yeah, blahblahblah deviantart might not be the best place, but it was easy, quick, and free, okay? I'm also offering them free (and without watermark) because, though I do care about my photos, I don't want to be all mean and say "No! You can't use them! Nyah!". I'd really like it if, in the event you use one or two, that you'd credit me by linking to here or some place my stuff is featured. When I can afford it, I plan to get a paid flickr account, but it's not on my priorities right now.

So, that's all for wrapping up. Whenever I update is whenever I update; I haven't picked a concrete day yet. So far it's looking like Sunday (just 'cause) but we'll see.

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