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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 364

I believe that you deserve on-time updates for the last two days.

Here it is, the penultimate picture. I'm back home for the weekend. I grabbed a bus home, and ended up near the local BJs. Since I had a Dr. Pepper to drink beforehand, I decided to make use of their facilities before jumping in the car and getting back home with Mom.

I got to set up for a seminar at work today, which was mostly putting up a table and putting food on it. Otherwise it was a normal workday for me.

So let me talk about what's going to happen to this blog after tomorrow! It's not going away, oh no. With all the late updates, it won't feel like that at all! I'm planning on moving it to a weekly basis. I'll take some pictures (hopefully), blab on about things that may or may not be true, perhaps post a few things I'm writing, or maybe even do this. We shall see. If you two readers have any suggestions at all, then I'm open to them. With the way I run things, they could easily be accepted and integrated. I'd just need a "dx"

That's all for today. Good night, farewell, and keep those creepers away from me.

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