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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 358, 359, 360

Hey there! I'm saving up something for Tuesday's post, so bare with me. (no, really, I need good pictures *cough*)

So last weekend I was in Savannah. Hurrah!

GT Hockey won the Thrasher's Cup, and have now won exactly half of them that have taken place. Final win over the Dwags was 9-5 (it was intense). Got to play drums and hang out with awesome people. Fairly great weekend, if you ask me.
Not much else has happened since. DND was Monday night, where we got to beat up an ex-player and send him to prison for arson. Trying to finish this post so I can get laundry done, get the actual Jan 17th post done, and get working on Calc III homework that needs to get done.


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