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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 9

Whee! Sunday! Weekend! Workworkworkworkworkworkwork

Picture: Koosh? What in the..?

Background: Okay, so I've had this thing since the 3rd grade. It's a pencil sharpener! I vaguely remember getting it at Chuck E. Cheese's way back whenever. I've lost it probably three or four times now, but it's always found its way back to me. Some of my oldest friends might still remember it. It's like a token to my youth. Why I've kept it for so long, I have no clue. But it works well except when lead gets stuck inside it. Since I've basically switched over to mechanical pencils, I haven't had much use for it, so my high school friends probably have never seen this thing and I doubt it'll be put to use at all in college. It's probably one of my few keepsakes that I'll actually keep. It's survived this long (about ten years now...good God!) so why not? The side's picture is peeling, the koosh hair has been pulled on and some ripped out, some cut, the little "mouth" that holds the shavings doesn't have good hinges anymore, but I still love the thing. Plus, it's purple. Royalty color. Hell yeah.

today's video is very handy...

PS - Proof that 117 haunts me: dorm room number.

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