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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 4

Rain! Cold rain! I hate the cold. But I'll live; I've had a good track record of surviving winters so far.

Picture: Bikes! The red one to the left and father away than the orange one is mine.

Background: This. It's even seventy seven seconds long! (that's 1:17 for those too lazy to math) So how could I not include it? It's actually on my cycling playlist, too. Along with some other fast paced songs that are awesome (Anamanaguchi, anyone?). I got this bike mostly thanks to my roommate who told me about an awesome bike sale place on campus. It's very used, but it works well. Just some squeaky brakes that I can live with. If it wasn't winter right now I'd be riding it around more, thought I might have to take it out on Thursdays just because of the rush from going from one side of campus to the other in ten minutes.

Today was a big rush of trying to get stuff done. I snapped this picture on my way back from morning class and (almost) immediately got to work and barely finished in time to get to my afternoon class. Other than that it's been a dull, rainy, winter day.

Also, I'm editing this in because I can. I'm conquering planets tonight. It'll probably turn into a Tuesday/some Thursday night thing since that's the best time for the guy I play with. We started a game, still need to finish it. Sins of a Solar Empire is the name of the game. It's pretty cool, but I still suck at it. Oh well.

today's video is probably the best wish someone can make...(partial nsfw warning)

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