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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 5

I lied again. Apparently that first video in the previous post is 1:21, not 1:17. The number changed when I clicked the link and I only just now noticed (a day later and a dollar richer). It's still a 117 sighting in my book.

Picture: Open the door, get on the floor, EVERYBODY WALK THE DINOSAUR!

Background: Percussion Ensemble was really chill since the director couldn't be there. We all pretty much know our parts except for one weird section at 61 that we're probably gonna work on a lot. So Luke found some sort of dinosaur hat in the drum room and wore it throughout practice. I keep wanting to take pictures of the more obscure or stranger parts of my day and I believe I've succeeded with this one. Earlier I thought about the street sweeper (since I've never actually seen one in action before) that was cleaning up the street while I waited for the ninja blue bus. But when I had thought about taking the picture, it was already gone. Luckily we've got some crazy/awesome people in the band.

today's video has "all the fun of llamas, but with the added comfort of hats"...

(ps - check out the second, third, and fourth one if you liked that video^)

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