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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 327


Picture: My RAT cap!

Background: I don't think I've taken a picture of it by itself yet. If I did, then I don't really care right about now. I just packed up everything I've got. I'm done with finals, and I'm ready to move home for winter break and into my new apartment when the spring begins. It's been a long night, what with Midnight Bud and all. There was much fun to be had tonight at Midnight Bud, especially playing bass drum!

But man, I don't remember getting all this stuff! At least two or three boxes has school/office supplies that was brought down here from Missouri. But then again, there are five boxes, at least three or four bags, a fridge, a TV, some groceries, a few minibags etc. So much stuff. It'll take at least five or six trips to bring down, which is going to be oodles of fun.



To a specific penguin,

Thank you for looking over me. You sat on my dresser all semester (except when it was raining the ceiling) watching my door. You look down on everyone you meat, getting your name. I appreciate everything you do for me, including wearing my RAT cap for me and displaying it with pride.

Thank you, Judgmental Penguin. Thank you.


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