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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Little Things

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I completely forgot until earlier this morning. Currently I'm watching it with a bunch of other people in the music building! I don't have much stake in it myself, or much of any sports anymore, but it's a football game and I'll watch it.

One day last week I saw something cool. It was really small, really quick, but nice. I was walking back from work one day, near a three way intersection with a light. People cross the street constantly, but not all of them realize that they need to push the cross button. So while one girl was waiting for awhile, a guy passed by and hit the Cross Intersection button for her. It was just a small, nice thing that happened and it made my day, as strangely as it sounds.

On my way home, I had to take my headphones off. The birds were singing, and it sounded great. Just taking them off and listening to the sounds of nature (in the heart of Atlanta, nonetheless) was a nice change. Try doing that now and again - just stopping and listening to the noises around you. Enjoy your walk back home. Find a bench and just relax with the atmosphere around you.

Finally, I missed the first photography club meeting due to oversleeping, but I was able to go to their Saturday workshop. They went over flash and general camera settings. Since I have my mother's film camera with me (hurrah!), I figured out a few of the settings on it. I wanted to go out afterward, but decided against it. I forgot why I decided against it. I kind of regret it now.

That's all for this week. Best comic this week goes to C&H, in my opinion. I've got another blog post, some Calc homework, a test to study for, and a Super Bowl game to finish watching. See ya next time.

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