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Sunday, February 19, 2012

HUB: Missing Student



[Note: Hilling University Broadcast is the name of the university newspaper. It cycles the full paper on Sunday and a smaller, compact paper on Thursday.]

Student Missing Since Friday

Staff Writer Christian Peterson

Last Friday, Hilling University junior Kaitlin Manning went missing. She was last seen by her roommates Thursday night at around midnight, and is presumed to have left between then and 7:30am. Roommates reported the main apartment door closing loudly somewhere around four to five in the morning. Police suspect no foul play and were unable to find any indicators of a struggle. Most of her personal belongings remain inside her room, with the exception of her purse, phone, and car keys. She is assumed to have left on her own accord.

"It doesn't seem like her to get up and walk out," Lisa Granger, one of her roommates, tells HUB. "I got up early for my Friday 8am class and her door was wide open, lights on. I thought it was weird, so I texted her and never got an answer. She's been my best friend since middle school. I don't know why she would just walk out. When she never came back that night, I called the cops."

Kaitlin's car remains in the parking lot. Investigators have found nothing unusual inside that may give any leads. Authorities are currently unsure how to proceed.

"It's as if she walked out the door and never stopped going," HUPD officer Mark Richardson commented. "We're working with other departments as well as family and close friends of Ms. Manning to see if we can find out where she would have gone."

Contacting her phone goes straight to voicemail, and text messages have been left unanswered. Anyone with any information regarding Kaitlin Manning's location is asked to contact HUPD immediately.

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