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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lay down and forget

I woke up this morning with four words and a tune to accompany them. In my sleepy state, I kept repeating it over and over and it soon turned into a small song and four lines of lyrics. After singing it/humming it to myself all morning, I moved around and changed a couple of the words while keeping the original four to play with. I can't tell you the exact notes or the rhythm that goes with them, but this is what I've come up with so far:

Lay down, slow down,
Lay down and forget.
Calmly, softly,
rediscover it.

If you ask me what "it" is, then you've got me beat. Heck, I was trying to interpret the song as I finished my shower this morning. I've got a couple theories, but those are private. So sue me*. This song is also the only reason I got up in the morning - I really wanted to write it down before I forgot it. That is, before I laid down and forget it (har har). I tried playing a virtual keyboard to see if I could figure out the notes, and I think I might have them but I'm still unsure.

In other music news, I've got another 8 bit song posted. I present to you, Breakdown:

It loops twice, but doesn't loop all the way through the second time, for some dumb reason which is probably my fault. There's a couple places in there where I really mess with the listener's head, and that still screws me up when I give it a listen. I love the end of the loop where the "drum" part starts breaking down while the rest of the song continues as normal. I always end up tapping my foot before that part and start thinking "Whoa whoa what's going on here" when it hits. My foot wants to slow down but the music isn't going to and my brain is in a conflict and I just end up being really confused and it starts looping again.

I have some strange ideas in music sometimes, I guess.

*please don't sue me