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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

listen to me

okay guys, this is Wes

they've really cracked down at Hilling, things are bad. i hadn't heard from GE for 3 days now.

they're not letting anybody leave. I keep hearing from official sources that students have become violent against the uni, but GE says it's a cover story. it's worrying.

the final HUB broadcast was all about how the Uni was trying to control the student's ability to think for themselves. how the 20 or so disappearances before and soon after Dr. Child's class. not all were as publicized, but they were still happening. now they're arresting people without reason, and holding them without rights. nobody outside knows either, because nobody's been allowed contact out of the uni. phone signals are impossible, internet there is down, and GE had to do some wacky thing with his crappy flip phone to get a call to me. he's like an electronics macgyver, I swear.

did Murray know what was going on? i don't know, and GE doesn't either. he couldn't find out anything on his run to the administration. from the sounds of things, Murray didn't want anything to do with what the uni is doing. I really don't blame him at this point

i have this bad feeling they're monitoring this blog. what does it matter, though? this needs to get out and known. this needs to be ended.

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