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Monday, July 23, 2012

Flickering Light [Part 2]

[Contains some cursing because college students do that.]

“Go to your left. No, your other left. Where are you going?”

“Lay off, I know what I’m doing.”

“You don’t look like you do at all.”

“Shut up, will ya?”

“You’re never gonna save Zelda at this rate.”

“Whatever man.”

Jeremy and Thomas had pulled out Tom’s old N64 and were trying to run through a few of their old favorite games. They spent the entire night completing Mario 64, and had Goldeneye next on their list. Jeremy was just about done with the dungeon, and was planning to hand off the controller once he was finished.

“Alright, see, there’s the door that leads to Morpha. Now let’s rock this...”

The school semester had just started. Jeremy was in his second year, and decided to move into an apartment with Tom. They had five classes together over their first year at school, and got to know each other well. Both of them were marketing majors, enjoyed plenty of the same TV shows, movies, and games as the other and easily became friends.

“Move now! You’re gonna get caught!”

“I got this, I got this, I got th-...shit.”

Their school and apartment were within biking distance of town, but they were still surrounded by open fields and deer that lived in the neighboring woods. A large lake just outside of campus was the highlight of student activity, and there was always something going on. Students would sign up for a summer semester just so they could enjoy the swimming.

“Oh c’mon now, my granny could’ve avoided that. Way to suck, man.”

They two were lucky to get a first floor apartment, with a door close to a backdoor path through the forest on the way to the lake. It’s not a popular route, but it’s faster for the students who live nearby. Otherwise they’d have to take a long detour next to the road, and there were few slow drivers on campus. The administration officially tells the students that the backdoor path is dangerous and shouldn’t be used, but the fence keeping people out was forcefully torn down several times. The school turned a blind eye after that and let the hole in the fence stay.

“Give me the controller already, you’re terrible.”

“Just one more hit and I win, man! C’mon.”

A knock came at their door just as Jeremy delivered the final blow. He threw his hands into the air in victory, letting out a yelp of success. Tom laughed at his friend’s excitement and got out of his chair to answer the knocking.

“How d’you like THAT, Morpha?!”

“Calm down, man, you probably got us a noise violation or something.”

“Doesn’t matter, I just beasted that.”

Tom shook his head as he got opened the door. “Yeah, who is it? We’re pretty busy and-”

He looked down to see who was in front of him. His eyes opened wide and his heart nearly stopped.

“Oh, shit.”


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Yes, this really is part two. Trust me I've got somewhere I'm going with this. I just need to figure out where, that's all.

Also, I meant to address this in the previous post: Layout change! I'm using Google Docs to type this up (among other things) and from there I would copy and paste the story when I felt like it was good to go. I was having a problem with text color, though, and the text would come out completely black even though the then-layout should have forced text color to be white. Black on a black background does not work for me. I wouldn't mind changing my whole entire post color to be white except if I made a spelling or grammatical error, it would be more annoying to find in the edit screen (which has a white background). I don't think this layout is bad on the eyes, myself. If you hate it then I can't do anything for you. Deal with it.

Don't remember the old layout? First time here? Oh. Hi there! Hope you come back.

(you're not coming back, are you)


Also, I promise, the moment I come up with a title then these post names/tags will reflect it. I've just been incredibly unimaginative in that sense. D-:

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